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We invest in modern day technology that forces every investment company to compete against each other and earn their way into your portfolio.

Futurum believes that measuring real-time data and using technology to make informed investment decisions with the most current market conditions can create more effective investment outcomes.

Take your morning commute, for example. It’s unlikely you’d choose your route based on what happened yesterday or your prediction about what will happen today. Instead, you rely on technology that provides real-time data on current road conditions so that you can make informed decisions on how best to commute to your destination.

This analogy of using technology to find the best commute relates to our technology providing informed investment decisions. The Futurum technology utilizes sound mathematics and empowers each piece of the portfolio to identify and move towards productive asset classes or align volatility. Traditional methods often penalize investors with predetermined allocations and prohibit investors from seeking safety in times of market stress.

Traditional Strategic Asset Allocation Approach:

Portfolio is rebalanced by taking from winners and giving to losers.

Portfolios begin with target weightings and are often rebalanced annually to the original targets regardless of market conditions.

Tactical Asset Allocation Process:

Each piece of the portfolio competes with other asset classes or cash to find optimal productivity based on the most current market environment.

Unproductive investments are replaced with those showing the most strength

Target Volatility Allocation Process:

Portfolios are periodically rebalanced to maintain a suitable risk tolerance as market conditions change

Asset class weightings are consistently adjusted to reflect current market volatility.