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Dan Cairo

Helping Investors Own Their Future Since 1992

After 32 years in the industry, Dan Cairo has made it his mission to inform planners and investors alike about the common misconceptions and mistakes most make on their journey to financial security. Beginning his career in 1987, Dan started his career like many of his peers, developing skills that addressed only half the equation. It wasn't long after sharpening his financial expertise that Dan noticed a significant flaw in the financial services profession: the industry lacked a thorough understanding of the psychology behind investing. That’s when Dan realized that without comprehending the impact of emotions, clients will never achieve maximum financial performance.


Following his epiphany, Dan has been committed to changing the way both investors and planners approach achieving financial security. Instead of only concentrating on half the equation, he sought to show the benefits of an integrated approach. Dan demonstrated that focusing on financial behavior before a financial strategy was the only way to empower investors to take control of their lives and create a bright financial. By teaching financial self-awareness, Dan is revealing how traditional finance practices are influenced by psychology. If investors want maximum performance, they must first improve their emotional competencies, which in turn, improves their decision-making behavior. It's through this Behavioral Financial Advise that Dan seeks to establish a better future for his clients and the industry.


Recently, Dan’s most significant contribution to the industry has been his Amazon best-selling book, Own Your Future – Overcoming Negative Emotional Tendencies and Attaining your Financial Goals. The book was developed as an easy-to-follow guide for owning one's decisions in order to attain what they deserve. It’s an extension of Dan's everyday endeavors to enlighten financial security seekers. It demonstrates Dan's guiding philosophy, "money management will always be overwhelming until you make the path clear and easy-to-follow, which starts by digging into your emotions surrounding finances, reflecting on where you can improve, and using that newfound knowledge to develop and implement a strategy that works for your psyche as well as your unique financial situation."