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Financial Independence Remains Under Your Control

In the movie The Wizard of Oz, Glenda told Dorothy that she “always had the power to go home again.” It's the same for investors. Everything you need to attain financial independence remains under your control. The power lies within you, not the big intimidating stock market or the multitude of complex, and often dry, financial strategies. Those factors are merely pieces to the proverbial puzzle. And if 34 years in the business has taught us anything, it’s that being financially confident starts by conquering the counterintuitive psychology that leads to poor financial behavior. Once you do, you might not be able to control the stock market, but you will possess fiscal discipline and psychological fortitude. Couple these attributes with expert guidance and you will have all the mechanisms in place to rise above your financial challenges and start creating the life you deserve.


Elite Financial Network

It’s no small feat for an investor to overcome financial complexities, rise above their challenges, and create the life they deserve. However, since 1992, the family of advisors at Elite Financial Network have worked relentlessly to simplify the complex process of attaining financial independence. It hasn’t always been easy to provide simple solutions to life’s complex situations. But to watch our investors recapture a sense of optimism (control) and independence in their financial futures has made the long journey worth every moment. It’s given us the motivation to spend countless hours studying investor psychology to identify that irrational behavior that leads to poor fiscal discipline and underperformance. It’s been the motive behind us investing our own money into cutting-edge technology that creates a structured and straightforward path to financial independence. But most importantly, it’s been the inspiration behind our mission to educate both investors and planners about the detrimental impact imprudent behaviors have on financial freedom.


Behavioral Financial Planning

Un-ironically, the greatest investments any individual can make is an investment of time into understanding the thoughts and actions that lead to poor decision-making. But, despite our psyche holding the responsibility of financial quarterback - tasked with putting a financially free Super Bowl ring on our finger - the industry neglects to address the negative thoughts and imprudent behaviors that affect all investors. And, unfortunately, without addressing the psychological traps, triggers and misconceptions that cause investors to act irrationally, attaining financial independence is sure to test one’s will. By not creating good habits through fiscal discipline and psychological fortitude, investors are often left at wit’s end, terrified of retirement and desperate for a bull market. However, by replacing negative actions with naturally constructive behaviors, investors need not worry about the external factors. That’s because they will have mastered the ability to make informed financial decisions during the good times and the bad. And it’s this psychological fortitude Our Process seeks to uncover before executing a financial strategy.