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Our Process

More Than a Winning Roadmap

If obtaining financial success was simply about following a winning strategy, then why do individuals struggle to gain financial independence? It’s because achieving financial success takes more than a winning roadmap. Read about “Our Advantages”, and you’ll see we never once mention anything about superior strategies. Although we have winning strategies, they alone won’t lead to financial independence. That’s because winning strategies alone won’t lead to financial independence. Without the essential financial fundamentals below, strategies fall apart.

  1. A thorough understanding of the psychology behind investing.
  2. Clear and straightforward guidance that's understood by investors.
  3. Empowered investors who possess fiscal discipline and psychological fortitude.


Laying the Foundation

Far too many investors and planners focus on a strategy without first addressing the essential fundamentals that make succeeding from their plan possible. Without first laying a solid foundation, the path to financial independence is built on shaky ground. For this reason, we begin working with a client by focusing on the ridiculously small changes that, when applied consistently, can produce huge effects over time.


  1. Creating Fiscal Discipline & Psychological Fortitude
  • The foundation starts by teaching clients about the psychological traps, triggers and misconceptions that impact investors. Addressing this counterintuitive psychology is the fundamental first step. It’s a simple, small, incremental change that can lead to exponential results.


  1. Eliminate Confusion & Complexities
  • Studies show that when individuals are confused, not only do they lose 13% of their IQ*, but their confusion also leads to underperformance. And, it makes sense, the more confusion and complexity cluttering the trail, the tougher the journey to financial confidence. We know that if the path to financial independence is going to be clear and straightforward, our clients cannot be confused or distracted. Above all, for financial action plans to be effective, we know they need to be easy-to-follow and understand. In other words, once we’ve informed clients about investing psychology, our next duty is to ensure we’ve explained their strategy extremely well, in a relatable and understandable manner.


Building the Castle

As you may imagine, we wouldn’t put in all that hard work laying a solid financial foundation if there wasn’t an end goal in mind. Once we’ve cleared all the psychological barriers and complexities from your path to financial independence, it’s time to put the wheels in motion (but don’t worry, we’re continually checking in to ensure your psychological fortitude is healthy and that its cousin, confusion, hasn’t stopped by for a visit). We wouldn’t dare say we make finances fun. But if you enjoy straightforward, structured systems, that make attaining financial confidence possible, perhaps you’ll say that about us. Regardless, building your castle is the final stage of the process, albeit one that’s never-ending (you can always add more bricks to your castle). With a solid foundation upon which to build, we put all our mechanisms to work in a repetitive process of strategic “brick” laying, inching higher to a bright financial future.


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